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About Me

I am passionate about traveling. It started since I was in 2nd year student at Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai, Thailand. I applied for the scholarship and was selected to be the representative of the university to visit the Royal Thai Embassy in Cambodia, Vietnam and Lao PDR. It was an honor duty. That was also my first time traveling aboard so, I was super excited. We also visited attraction places in each country. Angkor Wat was so beautiful. Visiting the killing field made my eyes open wanting to learn more about history of neighboring countries. It was sad to see how people were so mean to each other for their own desires. We need to learn from the past for the better future. Cu chi tunnel was incredibly surprised me how hard time it was for Vietnamese during Vietnam war and how smart of them to invent weapons and figure out the ways tried to survive. There were so many things out there happened that I never knew or did not care about it enough before. After that I watched more documentary about other countries to learn more and inspired me to find the way to go aboard more. Later, I applied for another scholarship and got a chance to visit Japan for the first time. I totally fell in love with this country with their beautiful places, unique culture and how creative, punctual and discipline Japanese are. Then, It made me say “yes” so easy when my friends asked me to join Japan trip with them. That was my first time traveling by myself. Later I went to Korea, Myanmar, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and recently India. I like to write down about my experience from the trip and I would like to share it to everyone. I am hopefully that it can be useful and make you guys enjoy from reading it.